H&H Expeditie

  • Twenteweg 8
  • 7532 ST Enschede
  • The Netherlands


Welcome to the site of H&H Expeditie BV.

In de course of the years, H&H Expeditie has been specialized in transports tot Scandinavia. As a small company, with well-equipped material, H&H Expeditie is, as well thanks to motivated employees, able to supply her customers with a good and reliable service.

For H&H Expeditie being a small company, she is able to be very flexible and can guarantee quick delivery-times.

Thanks to the Vehicle Management Information - System (GPS) in her trucks, she is able tot inform her customers immediately about the whereabouts of his / her shipment.

H&H Expeditie is, in Enschede, in the eastern part of Holland, at the German border, well located for deliveries from the Benelux to Scandinavia & vice versa.


H&H Expeditie transports to Scandinavia and the Benelux